A comprehensive review of the Elecraft KX2 QRP transceiver

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Page last updated on: Thursday, December 1, 2016

A comprehensive review of the Elecraft KX2 QRP transceiver

In August, I took the plunge and ordered an Elecraft KX2.
Perhaps it was a leap of faith…or a momentary lapse of judgement that led me down temptation lane at Elecraft’s Hamvention booth. At any rate, I had been doing enough NPOTA activations that I fell for the idea that I could potentially have the advantages and performance of the (slightly larger) KX3 in an even smaller, even more portable, package.

Would there be buyer’s remorse? The only way to tell, obviously, was to put the KX2 on the air.

Where better to evaluate this field radio than in the field? Since I purchased the KX2 in August, I’ve taken it on more than 40 NPOTA field activations.

Here is the full review:

Thomas K4SWL

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