Aloha from KH6, dear Ham-friends!

Aloha from KH6, dear Ham-friends!


KH6/DL3LUM (left) and KH6/KU1CW (right)
Honolulu, Waikiki beach

Here is my short and final report from my recent KH6 (Hawai’i, IOTA OC-019) activation. 

In the first week of May 2017 I was active as KH6/DL3LUM when I used my limited spare time to get onto the air from three different locations on Hawai’i. 

It started on early (local) 1 May with some 45 min as guest operator using the KH6RC station in Ocean View, Big Island. Thanks to station owner Randy! This was in QRO mode on 20 mtr band and I reached easily 11 stations from W-mainland, VE, KL, KP4 (relaxed cw mode).

Flying to Oahu I was then active during two evenings (local 3 and 4 May) from Honolulu, Waikiki beach. Here I used my KX3 with 15 W, 5000 mAh 4 cell LiPo and a 5 m simple vertical antenna. All operations (19 QSO) in cw and on 20 mtr band. 

Another activation (local 5 May) was for SOTA (16 QSO). I went on SOTA KH6/OH-025 (Diamond Head). Same equipment. 

During all QRP activations I was accompanied by my dear friend Alex, KU1CW adding his own number of QSO’s. Thanks to him we also installed my vertical on a 31st floor balcony, without any success. 

Overall we reached in QRP mostly W-mainland, some ZL and JA, and in Europe – the only one RM2D! Operators confirmed good signals (RBN reported about 20 dB SNR on average). Quite an impressive achievement and unexpected looking at the rather low conds and the output power. We could really feel which positive difference the Seawater Effect makes. And, just one LiPo battery was sufficient for it all.

Mahalo to everyone involved,
also to our patient xyl’s

vy 73 Jörg

KH6/DL3LUM (QRP) RBN-screenshot, 4 May 2017



Jörg and Alex on SOTA KH6/OH-025

KH6/KU1CW, Honolulu, Waikiki beach

KH6/DL3LUM @KH6RC, Ocean View, Big Island





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