10/06/2017 — WCA & DCS pedition of HB4FG Team to Sbarramento Monte Ceneri

– Claudio HB9EFJ , Cecco HB9AFZ and other operators will active on the 10th of June from Sbarramento Monte Ceneri – Rivera (NEW ONE), WCA: HB-00916, DCS: TI081 located in Corridoio Faunistico Sovraregionale Monte Ceneri, WWFF: HBFF-0174. They plan to work as HB4FG/p from 7:30 till 15 UTC on 80, 40, 30 and 20 meters CW and SSB. Antennas: Dipole. Rig 80 … 30m : Mil Rig SE430 by Zellweger AG Uster. Rig 20m: Ham Rig TS50s + AT50. QSL via bureau. 73 & 44 & 11! [tnx info HB9TZA].

from dx news http://ift.tt/2raXSMj


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