17-18/06/2017 – LZ stations in WORLD CASTLES WEEKEND 2017

LZ stations will be active on the 17th and 18th of June and participate in WCW-2017 as follows:
17.06 – LZ1QZ/p WCA: LZ-00263, BHS: SZ-25;
18.06 – LZ1QZ/p WCA: LZ-00237, BHS: VT-24 + VT-27;
18.06 – LZ1QZ/p WCA: LZ-00201, BHS: VT-11;
17-18.06 – LZ2HT/p WCA: LZ-00245, BHS: KD-06 + KD-10;
17-18.06 – LZ2RV WCA: LZ-00045, BHS: VN-04;
17-18.06 – LZ2OQ/p WCA: LZ-00073, BHS: KD-01;
17-18.06 – LZ2OQ/p WCA: LZ-00144, BHS: KD-02, WCA:LZ-00174,BHS: KD-03.

from newhamradiorss http://ift.tt/2rzaIiT


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