InnovAntennas ‘Big Gun’ arrays

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Page last updated on: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

InnovAntennas ‘Big Gun’ arrays

InnovAntennas continue to supply the World’s top DX’ers with large antenna systems with over 55% of sales being into the USA and 10% into Japan.

Ray Higgins, W2RE purchased 4 x 6el LFA Yagis (9.5m booms) for 50MHz last year stacking them vertically on a 100’ fully rotating tower. Ray made these comments today on his remote ops installation.


The new 6M ARRAY in Eastport, Maine is working fantastic. Thanks to Justin Johnson from Innovative Antennas for modeling the array before we installed, we went with smaller boom (7EL) and closer stacking on his suggestion for this particular install and its paid off big time with us working UB7 well ahead of anyone else in the US antennas @ 100’/80’/60’/40’.

G0KSC Designed low noise Yagis are very popular for EME on VHF too due to their super-quiet properties.

Ray’s antenna:

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