Makezine.Com promotes ham radio

Last week, Makezine.Com published a nice story on one woman’s (very positive) experience getting into ham radio. Mandy Schultz, KB3UGX, writes, “I first got involved in amateur radio (also called ham radio) in 2010, mostly to prove a point that ‘girls can be amateur radio operators too’ — and discovered I was joining a fun community by doing so.”

Mandy explains how she was welcomed into the HackPittsburgh radio group. Her experience is a good reason why we should continue to promote ham radio among the maker community and work with these groups whenever we can. I’d hope that she’d be equally welcome at the “old guard”  ham radio clubs in the Pittsburgh area, but as we know, that’s sometimes not the case.

Making a good splice

Coincidentally, I also ran across a Make: video on how to splice wires with the “lineman’s splice.” See below.

Makezine.Com also has an article on this splice. I used the article when I spliced the 450 Ω ladder line for my Cobra doublet, but I think the video does a bit better job of describing how to do it.

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