VY0RAC is on the air from VY0ERC for the RAC 150 award

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Page last updated on: Monday, July 17, 2017

VY0RAC is on the air from VY0ERC for the RAC 150 award

Pierre Fogal, VE3KTB, is now putting VY0RAC on the air from VY0ERC for the RAC 150 award!

To commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday, Radio Amateurs of Canada, with the assistance of a team of talented and dedicated volunteers, is pleased to present the RAC 150 Award program. Starting with the RAC Canada Day Contest on July 1, the 14 special RAC call signs are now being activated by volunteers throughout the second half of 2017.

RAC holds club call signs in all 14 of Canada’s call areas. These are: VA2RAC, VA3RAC, VE1RAC, VE4RAC, VE5RAC, VE6RAC, VE7RAC, VE8RAC, VE9RAC, VO1RAC, VO2RAC, VY0RAC, VY1RAC and VY2RAC. These call signs are used to promote RAC and interest by Amateurs in RAC.

Contacts with stations using RAC call signs count towards certain RAC awards such as the Worked All RAC Award and the RAC Canada 150 Award. In certain contests, such as the RAC Canada Day Contest, the RAC Winter Contest, the IARU HF Championship and the RSGB Commonwealth Contest, RAC call signs designate HQ or bonus stations that may count for extra points under the applicable contest rules.

For the RAC 150 Award, stations making contacts with a number of RAC stations will have the opportunity to download an award corresponding to the number of different stations worked.

Pierre will operate as VY0RAC from VY0ERC until Saturday, July 22

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