New ARRL promotional posters feature youth

The ARRL has just released a new set of promotional posters. Originally designed by the ARRL for the National Scouting Jamboree, they feature youth and younger hams in a variety of scenarios.

I like these posters. You can download a PDF that contains high-resolution images of all six and use them in your club’s promotional efforts.


All of the posters contain a link to the ARRL’s What is Ham Radio? page. Now, that page could use some updating. There’s even a Reddit thread that discusses some ways that it could be done.

My comment was:

I’d get rid of the ads. Seriously. The right and left sidebars take up over a third of the page. What a distraction!

Then, I’d try to write something about the magic of radio. After all, why did you get into radio and why are some of us still into it after all these years? Because it seems magical. And, if you work at it a little, you can work some of that magic, too.

Other comments included:

Video, video, video! And I mean video produced in consultation with young people. Sell it with SDR, AMSAT, SOTA, portable ops, etc.


Show something besides talking on a microphone. For me personally, Ham Radio is way more about building projects, antennas, kits, trying new things, etc…


I think they need to pull in the stuff from the flyers they released, an intro video, and a refresh on the wording at least.

There are a lot more great comment on the page. How would you change the ARRL’s What is Ham Radio? page?

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