Amateur radio in the news: Solar eclipse edition

A couple of news stories have popped up on how amateur radio operators are going to be participating in research projects taking place on August 21, during the total solar eclipse, and I thought you might be interested in them….Dan

Want To More Than Just Watch The Eclipse? Become A Citizen Scientist. This story, originally aired on KUOW, the NPR station at the University of Washington, focuses on the NASA-funded Eclipse Ballooning Project, but it also discusses amateur radio’s solar eclipse citizen science project. The page contains the full audio of the original KUOW report.

Local radio operators prepare for solar eclipse science experiment. This story talks about how “members of the Grand Strand (SC) Amateur Radio Club plan to be on their radios during the eclipse to help with a worldwide science experiment. According to research experts, back in 1999, scientists noticed that shortwave radios were able to talk over longer distances than normal during an eclipse. To test the validity of that discovery, radio operators will be sounding off during this month’s eclipse.”

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