Nice to be back online

No I did notg quit the group. I was taken off by good old mother nature. Wow were we taken off. If u see the storms in New York today we had them on Sat morning at 10am. We lost power I lost a couple of wire antennas but by far much less than others. One ham 15 miles south west of my qth had five trees which gave him nice shade coverage. Today he has no shade. Two ash trees two oak trees and one sugar maple pulled right out of the ground unto his house. On the way down he lost a cocouple of wire antens bplus they took out his tower and antenna at the base. Whatg a day for that guy. Atown six miles sout f me thelocal manard store had there front doors blown away. Wind speed 96 miles an hour. I got power back last nite but no internet until this afternoon. Wide spread damage. Out city alone has replaced 300 transformers and 186,000 feet of wire among other things. We still have 10,000 without power. Populatin of out town is 34000 people. I do not want to see that again I hope. It is nice to be back on air. 73’s mike kc9ldo PS Sorry about any typo errors. Guess I type to fastsometimes. 


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