Helping a radio friend

If you’re a regular on the SWLing Post, you’ll certainly know our contributor, Robert Gulley.

Jennifer and Robert prior to the MS diagnosis

Robert is a wonderful friend and one of the biggest ambassadors for radio I know. Robert has mentored a countless number of ham radio operators and radio listeners–his enthusiasm is infectious.

This time, Robert could really use our help.

His wife Jennifer has Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS)–a disease that has progressed to the point she needs 24/7 care. Finances are tight, so when a home equity loan taken out over 15 years ago recently ballooned, Robert and Jennifer have struggled to make these payments and stay afloat.

They’ve explored refinancing and even selling their home, but the numbers simply don’t work in their favor.

I, along with a number of Robert’s close friends, have encouraged him to start a GoFundMe campaign to try to raise some funds to pay down the home equity loan.

Robert isn’t the sort of guy that ever asks for help, indeed he’s always the one giving help. This is why I’m asking you to consider supporting his GoFundMe campaign if you have the means to do so. You can read more about his situation on the GoFundMe page.

Any amount will help as it will be dropped on the principle of their loan and thus shorten the term or even make a refinance possible.

Click here to support Robert’s GoFundMe campaign.

GoFundMe is a reputable organization to raise funds and they don’t take a large cut like some other platforms do, but if you would rather support Robert outside of GoFundMe (directly, by check for example) feel free to contact him.

Thank you!

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